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Several sections of the Yellowstone Time Trials are availabe on Cycleops Virtual Training. I edited them and matched up the GPS, and now you can ride them using a smart trainer. I want to get all of my Yellowstone videos availabe on CVT, but their route editor has some issues with google earth that I can’t seem to find a work-around to.

Here are the links to these videos on CVT:

USYNP Gardiner to Mammoth to Roosevelt USYNP Mt Wasburn from Tower USYNP Madison to Norris
USMadison River TT USYNP East Entrance to Sylvan Pass USYNP Madison to Old Faithful along Firehole River
USLamar Valley TT
USMesa Falls Idaho Scenic Byway USGalena Summit from Ketchum USSawtooth Valley – Idaho

I always wanted some trainer videos featuring Yellowstone National Park, but the ones that are available didn’t appeal to me. So I made my own! And now I would like to give you the chance to have them, too. You can download the videos directly buy clicking on the purchase links below….if you don’t like them, let me know via e-mail at darin@mountaincruises.com and I will refund your money with no questions asked. You can also see some of the vidoes on Amazon for download, DVD, or video-on-demand.  The webpage for the videos is at www.mountaincruises.com 


These videos showcase the flat and fast areas of Yellowstone National Park. Most of the video is spent right next to one of the many beautiful rivers in the park. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and maybe a few animals as you journey through the park.  A high energy soundtrack keeps you moving along.

The full workout video is based on a 3×20 minute workout with a warmup session, breaks between hard efforts, and a cooldown. Below is the breakdown of the video with specific times and sections.


Yellowstone Time Trials

Full-length video with warmup, 3×20 with breaks, and a cooldown is 1 hour 26 minutes long.

Full length workout video is 1 hour 26 minutes

On Amazon for $1.99 rental or $10.99 DVD

Get it Now for $7.99


Each of the individual 20-minute sections can be purchased separately, too. They don’t have a warmup or cooldown session. You simply get a few seconds of intro music followed by the hard-effort session, and then some exit music.


Madison River Time Trial

It’s a flat and fast cruise on an awesome August morning in Yellowstone National Park. Enter the park at West Yellowstone and ride/run next to the Madison River for just over 18 minutes when you arrive at Madison Junction.  This video is so real you’ll forget you’re not actually in the park….you’ll even need sunglasses for the sun in your eyes. Look close in the meadows to see some animals! An 18-minute cruise along the Madison River, from the west entrance near West Yellowstone to Madison Junction.


Madison River section is 20:44 long

Get it Now for $3.99


Lamar Valley Time Trial

Ride or run the incredible Lamar Valley. This route begins at the top of Lamar Canyon and follows the Lamar River south to its confluence with Soda Butte Creek. The route then turns northeast, and the view becomes one of massive mountains as you pass Soda Butte and sagebrush plains. As you gain elevation and pass Pebble Creek and Ice Box Canyon, the route becomes forested with views of the freestone creek bed along the way. Enjoy the incredible mountain and valley scenery of northeastern Yellowstone National Park.


Lamar Valley section is 18:52 long

Get it Now for $3.99


Firehole River Time Trial

Ride or run along the Firehole River in beautiful Yellowstone National Park. This route begins near Madison Junction and follows the Firehole River south to Old Faithful. When you’re not next to the river, you’ll see the many fumaroles and other geothermal features in this incredible landscape. Enjoy the scenery of a beautiful river in the middle of one of the world’s densest populations of geothermal features.


Firehole River section is 20:37 long

Get it Now for $3.99

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