This page is a link for stuff I consider worth using, reading, watching, etc.

** I don’t make any money off these links. **

Data Tracking:

Garmin 920xt and Garmin Connect: Here is DC Rainmaker’s review until I write my own. I really like the ability to wear it as a daily watch (I never forget it, and the battery life supports this use). Also, I am a big fan of the live-track option as a safety factor.

Strava: I use this for the segment and PR tracking. I was using it for training load but switched to SportTracks because it supports swimming better.

SportTracks.mobi: I really like the training load and performance charts, and I find them very accurate to what my body is thinking. Also, the calendar option is really nice and beats anything else out there outside of a published/purchased training plan.

TrainerRoad.com: I love this when matched with Sufferfest!  It gives me virtual power readings and really adds to my winter workouts by giving me those power targets to hit during the Sufferfest videos. The ability to send a power reading to my Garmin 920 gives me VO2 max for my bike (trainer only) and makes it incredibly easy to then upload a trainer workout from my watch to the internet sites via bluetooth/phone rather than downloading the file and then uploading to the sites.


Joe Friel’s Triathlete Bible

BarryP Training Program 

You Tube Motivation:

Mountain Cruises: I wanted some bike trainer videos filmed in Yellowstone National Park, but I couldn’t find any that made it feel like on was on the road in the park. So I made them! You can download these videos for $10.99 for the full version (86 minutes) or $4.99 for individual sections of 20 minutes each.

You can buy them below or ride them on Cycleops Virtual Training at the links below.

USYNP Madison to Norris 13.31 mi
USGalena Summit from Ketchum 21.76 mi
USYNP Mt Wasburn from Tower 13.81 mi
USSawtooth Valley – Idaho 26.83 mi
USYNP Gardiner to Mammoth to Roosevelt 22.79 mi
USYNP Madison to Old Faithful along Firehole River 15.51 mi
USLamar Valley TT 13.22 mi
USMadison River TT 13.35 mi

Lance Tour de France TT video. This is a ten-minute video that is good to crank out the last ten minutes of a trainer session.  Quite motivating.

Cool down  or warm-up vid:  One of the made-for-tv opener bits for one of the Ironman Championships.

Other Videos:

The Sufferfest: Great vids for trainer sessions. Just buy them all and call it good. No wasted money on CD’s and shipping and stuff. Straight up download and go.

Gear and Stuff:

Hammer Nutrition: the only nutrition I use. Gels, HEED, Recoverite, Sustained Energy, the fizz capsules, Endurolytes. All great stuff.

WetSuitRental.com : where / how to get your first wetsuit.

DeSoto Tri-Shorts: absolutely the best shorts available. Get the ones with pockets! Keep an eye for them on sale for under $60.

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