Personal Challenges

Going to the big triathlon races just isn’t for me. First, it costs too much. Second, there are too many people and the morning setup takes far too long. The event itself, meaning just the race, is exciting and everything, but the crowd and costs put it over the edge for me.

I am more about doing my own thing in an uncrowded place with probably a few friends and on a timeline that doesn’t include much waiting around for the masses.

Thus, I am implementing the Personal Challenge concept.

The Personal Challenge is any race you decide to plan and execute on your own, basically a Do-It-Yourself Race. No expensive race fees. Limited or at least combined travel fees when you do the race in conjunction with a different trip. And, a venue that might not be otherwise possible. These are also events that you have to setup your own logistics like transition areas, resupply points, and bathrooms.

Below is my bucket list of Personal Challenges.


Yellowstone National Park 70.3

Sawtooth 64

Trail Runs – Coming

Bike Rides – Coming

Cross-Country Ski Routes – Coming

Backcountry Ski Routes – Coming

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