SVT – supraventricular tachycardia

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If you are over 40 and train alot for any sport, you need to know what SVT is. 


Short Version: SVT is when your heart rate is stuck at a really high level. You can bring it back down by coughing, “bearing down” like you are pooping, or cold water on the face. It isn’t necessarily directly life-threatening but it will scare you (and your loved ones) a bit.

Long Version:

So there I was at the local pool, starting a fourth set of 200’s back at the end of April 2017. As I pushed off, my heart went absolutely NUTS…like 200b beats per minute nuts..for the first time ever in my life. And immediately, it felt like every bit of strength left my body. I simply couldn’t pull the water. I went back to the wall and decided to skip that 200 and do the next one on the same timing, so basically a three minute break. My heart rate came down a bit to probably 180-184, which is what I have until that point thought was my max heart rate. At the three minute mark, I pushed off and did another 200 at a very moderate effort. Then I quit for the day, not knowing exactly what happened.

Back at work, my heart rate was still stuck at 180 an hour later. I was a bit light-headed and really concerned that my heart hadn’t cut back to at least in the 80’s. A nurse friend looked at me and decided that yes I probably need to see a doctor. So I decided to go to urgent care.

We got in the car and headed out, and I called my wife, who we decided would take me in. On there way to urgent care, we talked to the nurse there who told us to go directly to emergency room.

Three hours now at heart rate of 180!

Thirty minutes later I am getting the medicine that brings my heart back to normal. Whoo! I was getting tired at that point. 

Swim Workouts

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I started posting my favorite swim workouts on Pinterest. Check it out at http://pin.it/sE3xIri

Some various sources include

– Kraken Masters 

– Triathlete.com

– Combinations I put together

More Heart Rate thoughts: bike vs run

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After looking at my heart rate spiking during runs, which is still happening, I thought to compare a bike workout versus a run. 

The run from last night has a spike in the first five minutes.

The bike  from this morning gradually goes up in the first five minutes as I warmup. 

Conclusion: heart rate spikes on run is clearly a lack of warmup. 

From Triathlete.com – 3 Ways To Become A Better Cyclist

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Great article that I summarize with one word – Sufferfest at http://www.sufferfest.com


Paul’s First Brick

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Paul asked if he could do the Bengal Tri this year, so I registered him. Then I figured we should check his endurance for this race to see how it would go.

Last Wednesday he did 750 yards freestyle in 25:53. Woohooo!

Today was the bike rehearsal. Check out his 10.8 mi Ride on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/535062696

Then he decided to feel how his legs would feel, so he ran some laps around Red Gym.  He ran just over 10:00/mile pace for .7 miles and said he felt good. This boy has some endurance!  
Check out his 0.7 mi Run on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/535062896

Data Check: long swim review

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A few days ago, seven-year-old son Paul asked me if he could do the Bengal Triathlon. He just finished up his first year on the Pocatello Tiger Aquatics Club, so I told he could do the triathlon if he could prove he can swim 750 yards straight without stopping. He did that in 25:53 on Wednesday.


I’m in a swim-only mode with a calf muscle injury, and I got bored quickly of the laps in a 25-yard pool, so I needed to challenge myself. At some point during the kick sets that I hate so much, I remembered that I have a goal of upping my monthly long swim to 4,000 yards. That was a perfect thing to do. If Paul can do 750 yards, surely I can do 4,000.

So I did it on Friday afternoon. I was tired from the previous week workouts, but I was determined to make this happen. What else am I going to do?!?!  I want to be ensure full recovery from this calf muscle injury.

The first 1500 yards was good, and I held back appropriately. My pushoff on the turns was one-footed, so the times are off a bit.

The second 1,500 yards I began to struggle. My one-footed pushoffs started a small foot-cramping issue. My form was going to pieces, and I don’t like swimming like that because it leads to bad habits. I pressed on.

The last 1,000 was ugly. I did it, though! And that is the exciting part. Now I have a new goal of completing this 4,000 yard TT on a weekly basis in 1:00:00. This was a personal best non-stop distance for me — LIFETIME!

On the charts below, you can see how my form and times consistently drop across the workout. I do a 3,000 yard TT every six weeks or so, so I am familiar with that.  You can se how my time drops close to the completion of the first 3,000 yards and then I just hang-on to close-out the 4,000. The goal when I am healthy is 4,000 yards in 1:00:00 with a steady pace and SWOLF.



2015 Stats

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