The mind game: “If You Think You Can…

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This poem by Walter D. Wintle changed my life sometime around 7th or 8th grade, when I saw it at school somewhere and then took it home and pasted on a wall in my bedroom. I looked at it everyday during my sports seasons and decided I thought I would be a champion in something some day.

Success is a mind game, and this poem says everything I could possibly say about it but so much better and more eloquently.


And the site that graphic came from, www.pravsworold.com, looks pretty cool, too.

2016 Goals

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Happy New Year! I want to get back into the habit of writing again, and this triathlon blog is part of that goal. So, as the title implies, I will start one of my goals by simply writing this post.

There are many “goals gurus” out there, and I have found some basic agreement among them and me, two principles being public accountability (telling others your goals) and writing them down. This post is part of those principles.

I am not going to focus on race goals anymore, mostly because I don’t find “racing” to be the awesome thing that everyone else does. Triathlon performance to me is about meeting my own personal goals, not beating other people. That said, I do enjoy the friendliness and group effort mentality of a big race. In any case, my goals this year are focused on the adventure of the season and the big days along the way as well as the races.

This specific post will be about the big events of the year, including main workouts. My data goals for the year, including basically the overall mileage per phase/month and the eleveation and time and stuff like that will be in a different post.

Here are my 2016 goals, beginning with a review of 2015.


I had a good year in 2015, meeting several goals and having lots of fun while expanding my horizons significantly.

Highlights of 2015:

  • Completed YNP 70.3! Very exciting! In many different ways.
  • Completed Grand Fondo 4 Peaks! Excited to do it, but the makeup method included me with 12 girls which was kind of cool but really weird.
  • Podium (second) in age group in Bear Lake Brawl. I didn’t meet the overall time goal because my swim was significantly long but I was first out of the water so it was probably a long swim; beat my bike and run times from last year but not my goal times. Overall happy with the race given the variables.
  • Did the Arbon Valley bike ride.
  • Did my first bike to Blackfoot via Ft Hall.
  • Did my first bike to American Falls dam. Really liked that ride.
  • Started using my YNP videos with CVT – Cycleops Virtual Training. I can ride the terrain of YNP at home like I envisioned! This is VERY exciting. I got a new powerbeam electronic resistance training in October, and so far I am really liking it.
  • Swam a 5k this year, even though it was after season, but still the longest swim every I think.
  • Ran consistently long over 9 and 10 miles.
  • I didn’t do any backcountry skiing like I wanted to except one night ops at Pebble. Didn’t even do a backcountry or family yurt; the planned trip was cancelled because of lack of snow. But I got plenty of downhill with Paul at lessons.

Here are some stats from 2015 via #veloviewer.




Mission for 2016: Continue building on endurance events to a capstone event of the Bear Lake Brawl Full. Work in some new adventures where possible to keep things interesting and ensure I appreciate and use the wonderful area we live in. This will help keep my mind occupied from not being the AFO.

Big Goals for 2016 Season:

  • Bear Lake Brawl Full on Sept 17 or CDA if schedule does not fit Bear Lake. I will commit or delete this goal by end of March.  Currently the Bear Lake Brawl date looks like it is going to work, and I absolutely love that race venue – swimming in the lake and riding around it.
  • YNP Tri Camp. Bike hills. Run trails (group). Swim the lake. This will be a group or just me for four days in Yellowstone, training at elevation and getting in some site-seeing from newbies to the area or some backcountry fishing with cold water on the legs aiding the recovery process. If you are interested in doing this with me (it will be a free, come as you are group effort that I simply organize), please leave a comment. Max of 10 people. I will post more on this later.
  • Complete my first century ride, and then one more before Bear Lake Brawl.
  • Gran Fondo 4 Peaks without significant stops.
  • Bike a big loop from near Lava to Bancroft then down through Thatcher and up Malad Summit.
  • Swim 4k once a month in April, May, June, July, August,
  • Run a 15 miler once a month April, May, June, July, August, September without impacting other workouts.
  • Run the Just Cuz if schedule permits.
  • Consider a SMUT leg if mentally prepared. Not doing it is ok. At least consider it.
  • Backcountry ski night once in January and once in February.
  • Backcountry ski day once in January. A long day. Start early and do 10,000 vertical.
  • Backcountry ski one weekday morning. Up at 4am. Start ski at 5. Topout at Bonneville at 6:30. Down to the yurt and back up at 8:30. Down to car at 9:00. At work at 10am. Counts as a long run. Could do on a Sunday and plan 11:00 church.
  • Seriously try to do the Grand Targhee ski mountaineer race if schedule permits. Or this one in Big Sky or one of the many at Brighton in Utah.
  • Do some long MTB with Bobby and Ben and Tim if available. Pre-church on Sunday maybe.
  • MTB with Paul up City Creek. And maybe a little bit with Noah and Tera.
  • Travel periods become run periods, with runs in the morning ALWAYS and preferably a second in the afternoon.
  • Sawtooth 60 DITY Triathlon, a personal challenge race in the Sawtooth Mountains. Might be Xterra-style this year with a mountain bike and trail run, which significantly opens up the route options and therefore excitement for the day.
  • A Pocatello 100 (85-bike + 15-run): a persona challenge training day that I want to do even if I don’t commit to a full ironman this year. I have a nice route reconned already that I am excited about.

Strava update

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This is the first time I have receiveind this email. Very motivating.

To Change Your Health Habits, Change the Way You Think

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From Rick Warren, this is so very true. I love the analogy of the “auto-pilot” because it so well describes the deep-down personal thoughts and default answers in life, to use a computer term.

But there’s a better option: Change your autopilot. The same is true with your health habits. To make a lasting change, you must change how you think. Behind everything you do — even your unhealthy habits — is a thought that keeps you from getting healthy. Instead, the Bible says you should “have the same mindset as Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5).


runner unleashed

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Here is a great story for inspiration. I love reading about the people who defy doctors’ beliefs.


Top 10 inspiring cycling/triathlon videos for training | #ShutUpLegs

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Found a link to some motivation videos. Next collection here to watch during down time in a taper period. he also has a good point that all these videos are in one place to minimize confusion on those early mornings when you need some moto to get going.


Lance’s Running Commandments

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…..Lance CLARK’S running commandments. Here in Pocatello, the only Lance is Lance Clark. He works for our City Parks and Rec and coordinates the city fun run series, and does a PHENOMENAL job at it. He also writes updates for the his program, and everyone who gets the email loves reading it because it is so funny.

I have to share part of his latest effort (and I am assuming it is his own work).

“Here are my 10 seasonally appropriate commandments for running

1)      Thou shalt have many other things in life that bring you joy in addition to running.  I may have brought thou off the couch, but I am not a jealous workout.

2)      Thou shalt not run to make your body a carved image.  Running shall be for fitness and enjoyment and health.  The carved image follows, sometimes.  For some people.

3)      It is ok to take the name of your running partners in vain during steep hills

4)      Thou shalt take days off and not feel guilty.  Rest as hard as you train, several days of rest per week are acceptable in mine eyes.

5)      Honor your father and your mother, by running on all Hallmark holidays, rather than going out to a 4000 calorie dinner.

6)      Thou shalt not use the words “killing it” before the whole run is accomplished.  The crash is sure to follow.

7)      Thou shalt cheat on thine diet after a long run.  But thou shalt bear in mind that a slice of cake is like 6 more miles and that just isn’t worth it.  Try extra slices of lean turkey on thine sandwich instead.  But donuts are always an accepted offering.

8)      Thou shat not bear false witness about thine miles, or thine time, or thine PR.

9)      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s marathon time.  Thou art thine own person, own it.

10)   Thou shall only covet thy neighbor’s running apparel only if it is weather appropriate and you are miserable.  Thou shalt not covet the color, slimming fit or any other fashion based aspect of thine neighbor’s apparel.  It is OK to covet new shoes.  Everyone loves new shoes.”

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