I get to be a Kraken!

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This has to be the coolest swim team name ever. Even cooler because I didn’t know what a Kraken was until earlier this year when Noah brought home a myth v fact book about creatures like this.

2016 Goals

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Happy New Year! I want to get back into the habit of writing again, and this triathlon blog is part of that goal. So, as the title implies, I will start one of my goals by simply writing this post.

There are many “goals gurus” out there, and I have found some basic agreement among them and me, two principles being public accountability (telling others your goals) and writing them down. This post is part of those principles.

I am not going to focus on race goals anymore, mostly because I don’t find “racing” to be the awesome thing that everyone else does. Triathlon performance to me is about meeting my own personal goals, not beating other people. That said, I do enjoy the friendliness and group effort mentality of a big race. In any case, my goals this year are focused on the adventure of the season and the big days along the way as well as the races.

This specific post will be about the big events of the year, including main workouts. My data goals for the year, including basically the overall mileage per phase/month and the eleveation and time and stuff like that will be in a different post.

Here are my 2016 goals, beginning with a review of 2015.


I had a good year in 2015, meeting several goals and having lots of fun while expanding my horizons significantly.

Highlights of 2015:

  • Completed YNP 70.3! Very exciting! In many different ways.
  • Completed Grand Fondo 4 Peaks! Excited to do it, but the makeup method included me with 12 girls which was kind of cool but really weird.
  • Podium (second) in age group in Bear Lake Brawl. I didn’t meet the overall time goal because my swim was significantly long but I was first out of the water so it was probably a long swim; beat my bike and run times from last year but not my goal times. Overall happy with the race given the variables.
  • Did the Arbon Valley bike ride.
  • Did my first bike to Blackfoot via Ft Hall.
  • Did my first bike to American Falls dam. Really liked that ride.
  • Started using my YNP videos with CVT – Cycleops Virtual Training. I can ride the terrain of YNP at home like I envisioned! This is VERY exciting. I got a new powerbeam electronic resistance training in October, and so far I am really liking it.
  • Swam a 5k this year, even though it was after season, but still the longest swim every I think.
  • Ran consistently long over 9 and 10 miles.
  • I didn’t do any backcountry skiing like I wanted to except one night ops at Pebble. Didn’t even do a backcountry or family yurt; the planned trip was cancelled because of lack of snow. But I got plenty of downhill with Paul at lessons.

Here are some stats from 2015 via #veloviewer.




Mission for 2016: Continue building on endurance events to a capstone event of the Bear Lake Brawl Full. Work in some new adventures where possible to keep things interesting and ensure I appreciate and use the wonderful area we live in. This will help keep my mind occupied from not being the AFO.

Big Goals for 2016 Season:

  • Bear Lake Brawl Full on Sept 17 or CDA if schedule does not fit Bear Lake. I will commit or delete this goal by end of March.  Currently the Bear Lake Brawl date looks like it is going to work, and I absolutely love that race venue – swimming in the lake and riding around it.
  • YNP Tri Camp. Bike hills. Run trails (group). Swim the lake. This will be a group or just me for four days in Yellowstone, training at elevation and getting in some site-seeing from newbies to the area or some backcountry fishing with cold water on the legs aiding the recovery process. If you are interested in doing this with me (it will be a free, come as you are group effort that I simply organize), please leave a comment. Max of 10 people. I will post more on this later.
  • Complete my first century ride, and then one more before Bear Lake Brawl.
  • Gran Fondo 4 Peaks without significant stops.
  • Bike a big loop from near Lava to Bancroft then down through Thatcher and up Malad Summit.
  • Swim 4k once a month in April, May, June, July, August,
  • Run a 15 miler once a month April, May, June, July, August, September without impacting other workouts.
  • Run the Just Cuz if schedule permits.
  • Consider a SMUT leg if mentally prepared. Not doing it is ok. At least consider it.
  • Backcountry ski night once in January and once in February.
  • Backcountry ski day once in January. A long day. Start early and do 10,000 vertical.
  • Backcountry ski one weekday morning. Up at 4am. Start ski at 5. Topout at Bonneville at 6:30. Down to the yurt and back up at 8:30. Down to car at 9:00. At work at 10am. Counts as a long run. Could do on a Sunday and plan 11:00 church.
  • Seriously try to do the Grand Targhee ski mountaineer race if schedule permits. Or this one in Big Sky or one of the many at Brighton in Utah.
  • Do some long MTB with Bobby and Ben and Tim if available. Pre-church on Sunday maybe.
  • MTB with Paul up City Creek. And maybe a little bit with Noah and Tera.
  • Travel periods become run periods, with runs in the morning ALWAYS and preferably a second in the afternoon.
  • Sawtooth 60 DITY Triathlon, a personal challenge race in the Sawtooth Mountains. Might be Xterra-style this year with a mountain bike and trail run, which significantly opens up the route options and therefore excitement for the day.
  • A Pocatello 100 (85-bike + 15-run): a persona challenge training day that I want to do even if I don’t commit to a full ironman this year. I have a nice route reconned already that I am excited about.

2015 Stats

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YNP 70.3 one week away

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I am one week away from my Personal Challenge half-distance triathlon in Yellowstone National Park. I am pretty excited!

A few notes…

Training is coming along nicely. I have had a good four week block that ends this weekend that is looking at race specificity, specifically distances and topography. I am not riding the hills anymore, opting for race-specific longer distance and flat with a few rollers followed up by runs. The runs are mostly flat, and I am not doing the hills anymore.

Weekly Training Hours August 2015

I did a 2500 freestyle yesterday to confirm swim endurance, and that went pretty well; although the brick workout I followed-up with in the afternoon was a struggle to finish, and I think that was from the relatively immense training load I have in my legs right now.  My bike leg is doing fairly ok, but I notice that I struggle after 40 miles or beginning at the 2-hour mark, so I continue to focus on 2+ hour workouts right now. My run workouts are doing well, and I am focusing on minimum of 15-minute transition runs after each bike. My weight has finally started coming back down to under 190 pounds!

Big Training Events so far, with a focus on elevation training and getting past two hours on the bike.

My training load is peaking right now for this YNP event. And you can see how I continue to build on the performance chart nice and steady on my way to Sept 19 for the Bear Lake Brawl.  If I can keep up with the training schedule I have created, I think I can break 5:00 for the Bear Lake half-distance (51 mile bike; average 5400 feet elevation).

Training Load Aug 7 2015

Performance Chart Aug 7 2015

The focus of this training plan is to hit a short/intense session, tempo session, and long session of each discipline and three weight-lifting sessions each week. I usually do the swim after the weights, and that is proving to be difficult because my upper-body is getting wrecked during the weights.  I am also forcing myself to do the bricks and transition runs, and it really doesn’t take that much more time to add a 15-minute run on to a bike; I think cutting five miles off a bike ride is worth it, but I struggle with that because I need every mile of bike riding I can get.

I have to keep in mind that the YNP 70.3 is really a touring triathlon for fun and a big training event along the way to  a big effort at the Bear Lake Brawl. Along with the YNP triathlon, I am scheduling my first Century Ride in southeast Idaho and a true Gran Fondo hitting the big four peaks in the immediate area around hometown Pocatello, but I’ll be doing this unofficially and on my own because I will be fishing the Lamar River post-YNP 70.3 on the day of this event.

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition for providing 20% off in conjuction with this personal challenge! I made a big order from Hammer for nutrition purposes. I got most of my “regulars,” with the regular raspberry gel and strawberry Recoverite and cranberry bars, and I also got a bulk tub of Perpetuem to get me past that two hour mark on the bike. I also got some more SeatSaver, which I have found to no-kidding eliminate saddle sores.  And I got some Whey Protein to ensure I recover from weight-lifting sessions, which is much of the reason that I am not losing weight because I am adding lean mass (I think!) from weight-lifting, which is ok with me.

In the “new-to-me” category, I also ordered the Phytolean for the first time….I think it works pretty well, but I am having trouble making sure I take it 30 minutes before a meal.

Another new product I am trying is the Edurolytes Extreme, but I haven’t got to use them yet because the standard August dry heat days are replaced by cool days with near-daily afternoon rain. I love Endurolytes on hot summer days, and I like the idea of carrying alot fewer Endurolyte pills with the Extreme.

Winter is here!

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Time to ramp up some posts! After that awesome swim (and bike and run!) at the Bear Lake Brawl on September 12, I took a breather for a few weeks and enjoyed life. Honestly, it wasn’t that enjoyable because I had to do all those tasks that I had been putting off for training time. But it was relaxing and good to get that stuff done.

I started up some unstructured training in mid-October just to maintain some fitness. I got in some great swims and runs while in New Orleans a few weeks ago that catapulted my desire for long workouts.

Now here I am on the cusp of a Sufferlandrian Tour! Yes, I am starting the 2014 Tour of Sufferlandria series today. Why? Just to do it. I will be setting the intensitu at 85% to help me get through it. I have a clean schedule for the next two weeks, and I want to bike consistently….so this is my answer.

Throughout the winter I want to post a few times per week, so hit the subscribe button to get the updates in your e-mail.

Posts will be a mix of shorty-thoughts and reviews of gear and videos and race reports that I haven’t posted yet. I will also write a few thoughts on next year’s race season and race planning.

Here’s to a good winter training season!

Amazing 8-year-old triathlete pushes, pulls brother through second race – Parents – TODAY.com

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Another mass media hit for my friends’ nephews. This is such an AWESOME story and God will make great things happen.



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My AWEDOME wife got me an AWESOME gift.


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