More Heart Rate thoughts: bike vs run

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After looking at my heart rate spiking during runs, which is still happening, I thought to compare a bike workout versus a run. 

The run from last night has a spike in the first five minutes.

The bike  from this morning gradually goes up in the first five minutes as I warmup. 

Conclusion: heart rate spikes on run is clearly a lack of warmup. 

Data Check: long swim review

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A few days ago, seven-year-old son Paul asked me if he could do the Bengal Triathlon. He just finished up his first year on the Pocatello Tiger Aquatics Club, so I told he could do the triathlon if he could prove he can swim 750 yards straight without stopping. He did that in 25:53 on Wednesday.


I’m in a swim-only mode with a calf muscle injury, and I got bored quickly of the laps in a 25-yard pool, so I needed to challenge myself. At some point during the kick sets that I hate so much, I remembered that I have a goal of upping my monthly long swim to 4,000 yards. That was a perfect thing to do. If Paul can do 750 yards, surely I can do 4,000.

So I did it on Friday afternoon. I was tired from the previous week workouts, but I was determined to make this happen. What else am I going to do?!?!  I want to be ensure full recovery from this calf muscle injury.

The first 1500 yards was good, and I held back appropriately. My pushoff on the turns was one-footed, so the times are off a bit.

The second 1,500 yards I began to struggle. My one-footed pushoffs started a small foot-cramping issue. My form was going to pieces, and I don’t like swimming like that because it leads to bad habits. I pressed on.

The last 1,000 was ugly. I did it, though! And that is the exciting part. Now I have a new goal of completing this 4,000 yard TT on a weekly basis in 1:00:00. This was a personal best non-stop distance for me — LIFETIME!

On the charts below, you can see how my form and times consistently drop across the workout. I do a 3,000 yard TT every six weeks or so, so I am familiar with that.  You can se how my time drops close to the completion of the first 3,000 yards and then I just hang-on to close-out the 4,000. The goal when I am healthy is 4,000 yards in 1:00:00 with a steady pace and SWOLF.