I am two weeks into healing a torn calf muscle. This my first real injury in probably ten years or more, and here are a few lessons I have learned.

1. BioFreeze and Do Terra Deep Blue are an awesome combination.

2. You can still do flutter kicks with a torn calf muscle. Maybe my tear wasn’t so bad (it never really bruised), but I could get a great workout of 30 minutes of kicks. My first week with a torn calf muscle was a swim focus with two swims per day, and it worked out really well. I had to remember to push off the wall with only one leg, but it was still great training. I turned a possible lost week of training to an awesome swim week that included a personal record swim distance set of 4,000 yards.

3. I am deeply grateful for my health and ability to run, and that my boys can and WANT to do it.

4.  I am learning patience as I have another week before I will try to run. We are in the midst of beautiful spring days, and I look at my running trails with a new-found longing to power up the hills.

Thankfully, this will be a relatively short recovery period with no permanent issues.