I am one week away from my Personal Challenge half-distance triathlon in Yellowstone National Park. I am pretty excited!

A few notes…

Training is coming along nicely. I have had a good four week block that ends this weekend that is looking at race specificity, specifically distances and topography. I am not riding the hills anymore, opting for race-specific longer distance and flat with a few rollers followed up by runs. The runs are mostly flat, and I am not doing the hills anymore.

Weekly Training Hours August 2015

I did a 2500 freestyle yesterday to confirm swim endurance, and that went pretty well; although the brick workout I followed-up with in the afternoon was a struggle to finish, and I think that was from the relatively immense training load I have in my legs right now.  My bike leg is doing fairly ok, but I notice that I struggle after 40 miles or beginning at the 2-hour mark, so I continue to focus on 2+ hour workouts right now. My run workouts are doing well, and I am focusing on minimum of 15-minute transition runs after each bike. My weight has finally started coming back down to under 190 pounds!

Big Training Events so far, with a focus on elevation training and getting past two hours on the bike.

My training load is peaking right now for this YNP event. And you can see how I continue to build on the performance chart nice and steady on my way to Sept 19 for the Bear Lake Brawl.  If I can keep up with the training schedule I have created, I think I can break 5:00 for the Bear Lake half-distance (51 mile bike; average 5400 feet elevation).

Training Load Aug 7 2015

Performance Chart Aug 7 2015

The focus of this training plan is to hit a short/intense session, tempo session, and long session of each discipline and three weight-lifting sessions each week. I usually do the swim after the weights, and that is proving to be difficult because my upper-body is getting wrecked during the weights.  I am also forcing myself to do the bricks and transition runs, and it really doesn’t take that much more time to add a 15-minute run on to a bike; I think cutting five miles off a bike ride is worth it, but I struggle with that because I need every mile of bike riding I can get.

I have to keep in mind that the YNP 70.3 is really a touring triathlon for fun and a big training event along the way to  a big effort at the Bear Lake Brawl. Along with the YNP triathlon, I am scheduling my first Century Ride in southeast Idaho and a true Gran Fondo hitting the big four peaks in the immediate area around hometown Pocatello, but I’ll be doing this unofficially and on my own because I will be fishing the Lamar River post-YNP 70.3 on the day of this event.

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition for providing 20% off in conjuction with this personal challenge! I made a big order from Hammer for nutrition purposes. I got most of my “regulars,” with the regular raspberry gel and strawberry Recoverite and cranberry bars, and I also got a bulk tub of Perpetuem to get me past that two hour mark on the bike. I also got some more SeatSaver, which I have found to no-kidding eliminate saddle sores.  And I got some Whey Protein to ensure I recover from weight-lifting sessions, which is much of the reason that I am not losing weight because I am adding lean mass (I think!) from weight-lifting, which is ok with me.

In the “new-to-me” category, I also ordered the Phytolean for the first time….I think it works pretty well, but I am having trouble making sure I take it 30 minutes before a meal.

Another new product I am trying is the Edurolytes Extreme, but I haven’t got to use them yet because the standard August dry heat days are replaced by cool days with near-daily afternoon rain. I love Endurolytes on hot summer days, and I like the idea of carrying alot fewer Endurolyte pills with the Extreme.