I am a week out from the last race of the year. Here are a few random thoughts at this point.

1. It’s going to be cold on the bike. Lows of low-40s expected. Bike will start around 8am, one hour after sunrise. So maybe it will be 45 when I get on the bike. Definitely jacket weather, but I have to figure out how/where to stash it at the halfway mark.

2. I have the beginnings of a cold yesterday and today. Hopefully it will clear up by nexr week. Weather recently changed to early autumn, so that is probably the cause.

3. I am now blaming the sorta-bad run at the Utah Half on my bime leg. After some bike cruises at heart rate under 142 this week, it is clear that an average heart rats of 148 and often spiking to 152-154, I burned out on the bike….even while constantly thinking about it and meeting my planned average heart rate, although at the hugh end. This bike leg is ALL ABOUT HEART RATE but expecting to be able to keep 19.3 mph with heart rate average of 140 with few if any spikes above 144.

3. Bike legs are currently better than expecred. Earlier this week I got a 30 minute badge on The Wretched video on TrainerRoad. Was not expecting it even though was riding the vid at 100%.

4. Run feels good right now. Ran a very good lunch course yesterday and felt great. Also felt really good running 3 miles at 8:15/mile after a 30 mile bike on Tuesday.

5. Swim is comjng back. Its amazing what a few interval workouts can provide. I was up to 1:40/100y averages on long sets (500+) but now am back to 1:30 after a few interval workouts.

6. I might actually hit my goal weight of 178 for this race. I have several pounds the past few weeks amd mow am at 180. Although I often lose weight as sickness approaches, this might be real weight loss as evidenced in looser clothes.

7. Cant help but look ahead to next year already. What races inspire me? Pacific Crest Long Distance in Sun River. Maybe the Rush Tri in Rexburg again (olympic distance). Bear Lake Brawl maybe, but its kind of late in the year and I am having trouble maintaining enthusiasm for workouts right now.  Not necessarily tje St George…although a great race and beautiful, I cant justify the cost and vacation time again. Boise 70.3, maybe depending on Pacific Crest…the weather is such a crap-shoot with that race.