Sitting in my car at Utah Lake State Park the night before the Utah Half triathlon. I should be in my tent (only a few hundred yards fro transition area!), but I want to stay dry in all this rain! Looks like it will be raining and 60 degrees tomorrow. I guess the Bengal Triathlon in the rain and 35 degrees was a good training event earlier this year!

Below are my goals for tomorrow. No wetsuit. Rain. Cool. Light winds as expected. Goal times ard still valid, if not actually easier to get because it is not so hot.

Swim  34:00 / 35:00 / 37:00

Get in a short warm-up.
Realize that a non-wetsuit race may be harder and slower.
Find some feet and draft. Don’t plan to finish first.
Make this swim a nice and easy start to the day.

Bike: Complete in 2:43:00 / 2:50:00 / 3:00:00

Start easy and build.
Two bottles HEED and one gel on the bike. One bottle per hour, and one gel (200 calories) per hour.
2x Perpeptuem tabs at 1:30, 2:00, and 2:30.
Endurolytes at 0:50, 1:20, 1:50, 2:20, 2:50
Maintain 19.7+mph and back off if heart rate gets above 148
End with avg speed +/= 19.7mph and avg heart rate below 146.
Maintain a good steady speed as much as possible. Stretch a bit during aid stations.

Run: Complete in 1:46:00 (8:10/m)  / 1:53:00 (8:35/m) / 2:01:00 (9:15/m)

Start easy and build. First mile or two will be at 9:00 to catch my breath and transition. Last couple miles will be 8:00ish.
One gel in my back pocket. One small hit every 30 minutes
Endurolytes in side pocket. One tablet every 30 minutes.
Shuffle through aid stations, pour water/ice on head, pits, back, front shorts, back shorts.
Stay in the shade.
Try to real some people in.
Smile and thank volunteers.
Remember this is supposed to be fun!