In the past, I’ve normally celebrated the joy of Easter at sunrise church service. This year, I decided I would try a sunrise run.

It goes like this: off into the darkness at 5:30am.  At the darkest point of the run at about mile 8, I’m struggling a bit physically. As I finish the twelve-mile run, the sun is shining on a new day, and I am full of vigor and joy.

The metaphor and analogy to Jesus’ victory over death was something I came up with earlier this week while I tried to figure out when I would do my long run because I was single-dad this week until Saturday night. It sounds good and all, but it really hits you while you are out actually doing the run.

I didn’t think I was actually going to do the run. At 5:07 am I passed when the first alarm went off. At 5:09am I got up to get some coffee and “see what happens” if I got up. I started running at 5:40am. I had to pull all the mental tricks, but I got out there and did it, finishing in 2:02.

He is risen, indeed!