“The Sufferfest Guy” has really got something going! I love the Sufferfest videos.   Seriously, the “I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow” slogan is what a good training program is all about….it’s what kept me going during my high school wrestling days.

Anyway, I received the below text in an e-mail. This sounds incredibly INTERESTING, and I’M IN!  It’s a great way to schedule in some consistency. I’m not sure how hard I’ll do all the videos, but I’m definitely going to do this tour.


Need a training challenge? Join the Tour of Sufferlandria 26 Jan – 3 Feb 

They say that the Tour of Qatar isn’t hard enough. There are murmurs that the Tour Down Under, even though harder than before, still isn’t terribly difficult. Rumor has it that the Tour de San Luis in Argentina is little more than a tourist trip and even Europe’s early season races have become simple warm-ups for the rest of the season.

That’s all changing thanks to a new race sponsored by the Sufferlandrian Tourist Bureau. Slotting in nicely to the UCI calender of early season races, the Tour of Sufferlandria was created to bring back the drama, agony and misery that the early season peloton deserves. Starting on January 26th, the 9 day event promises to turn even the softest rider into a true Sufferlandrian by the end, on Feb 3rd.

More details to come in the days and weeks ahead, but we wanted to give you a heads-up so you can slot it into your training plans (if you’re tough enough, of course).

Full Schedule:

  • Saturday, Jan 26th: Hell Hath No Fury
  • Sunday, Jan 27th: The Hunted
  • Monday, Jan 28th: Extra Shot + Fight Club
  • Tuesday, Jan 29th: A Very Dark Place
  • Wednesday, Jan 30th: Angels
  • Thursday, Jan 31st: The Wretched + The Long Scream
  • Friday, Feb 1st: The Downward Spiral
  • Saturday, Feb 2nd: There is No Try + Revolver
  • Sunday, Feb 3rd: Local Hero

According to Grunter von Agony, race director, “The course is carefully balanced between agony, misery and despair. So, yes, the Tour of Sufferlandria is a worthwhile target for anybody looking for an early season goal. You really ought to have some solid training behind you before you start it, and you’ll surely go through a roasting in hell during the race. When you come out the other side? With a solid 9 days of effort behind you, you will be able to take an ox, tie him to your bike, drag him up and over Mt. Sufferlandria while he tries to run the other way, and drink a flagon of ale made from the bikes of all those you crushed on your way to a glorious victory. Or the Minions will eat you for lunch. But, whatever.”

Mount Sufferlandria (From The Wretched)

To Participate:

As we said, we’ll send you more details in the near future and also post them on our Facebook page here. But, in short, to join the ToS, you must simply commit to following the schedule above and ride yourself into the ground each day. Join the community on our Facebook page for inspiration in those dark moments between stages to hear and share stories of HONOR GLORY AND VICTORY.

Although you can do it on your own, those who complete and register their 9 days with our partner,TrainerRoad.com, will be be eligible for daily prizes and thrown into a pool of prizes from the ‘fest, TrainerRoad and others at the end of the event. (A subscription is necessary for TrainerRoad.com, however they have a 30-day no-questions asked refund policy so if you’re not happy after doing the Tour of Sufferlandria with them, you can get your money back.)

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David McQuillen, Founder
Sufferfest Studios
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