Alarm goes off at 5:12am. “I ain’t gettin’ up this morning.”  Pause. “Oh yeah, I got that new Sufferfest vid last night, and it’s waiting for me. Can’t wait to see it!” Hop up out of bed, down to the pain cave, pour the coffee already-brewed-by-timer, and ready to go!

Yes, that’s how my morning went. From that to a good workout out The Sufferfest – The Wretched video to writing this right now.

I have nearly all the Sufferfest videos. My favorites remain The Hunted and Local Hero, mostly because they feature some longer Time-Trial-like sections. And I really like the music.

The Wretched is a change of pace then. It has less formal structure and more of a let’s-follow-the-race structure. It really puts you into the race and keeps you mentally engaged.

The timing on this workout is only 35 minutes of work, with 48 minutes overall. That’s GREAT if you’ve become wretched and can’t pull a full one-hour workout (like me right now!). It’s also great if you’re using this for a one-hour lunch workout.  This video fits into my schedule perfectly right now, but I can see that when I get into some longer workouts as my season moves along, I’ll be going back to the staples The Hunted and Local Hero.

Certainly nothing is stopping you from doubling or tripling this with some of the other shorter vids to make a three hour workout. That would certainly be alot of suffering.

So what about the video? I’ll just leave a few notes for everyone….suffice to say that you should get it; you can’t go wrong even if you just pedal along to the music and watch the screen when you pull your head up enough.

1. The format of the workout is really cool. Follow along with what happened in the real race. Simple is good.

2. New graphics greatly enhance the production level. Nicely done!

3. Three climbs in this workout. The final climb has some great instrumental music to keep you pushing along.

4. Video is 48 minutes, with 35 minutes of  a “main set.” Perfect for a short morning or one-hour lunch workout.

5. More fun and games with the “plot” of your second-you, the Sufferlandian.  Lotsa Fun!

6. The Wretched is simply another video in the long list of great stuff from Dave.


I followed the Sufferfest closely for the last few years but got behind on the videos a bit this past summer. I was busy training for my first 70.3 triathlon, and I also put together my own bike trainer videos that put you on the road in Yellowstone National Park. Check them out at  I will honestly say they are not as good as the Sufferfest videos, but when you need a break and some easy cruising,  push play for and you’ll have some nice cruising scenery for the day…just watch out for the buffalo!