I wanted to take most of September off and then get back into a maintenance phase of training at the beginning of October. That hasn’t happened, and it’s starting to get out of control.

This is a bit scary because as I lose any sense of consistency, it will get that much harder to get back into a consistent routine of decent volume down the road. At this point, I’m at a tipping point, and I really need to do something soon.

I’ve been running about 18-20 miles per week and nothing else. That’s not too bad, but consider that I’m totally letting myself go in the diet realm (ie eat and drink absolutely whatever I want!), I’m not keeping up. I’m already up to 190 pounds, and it shows.

My point is this:

1. Know where your tipping point is between simply taking alot of time off and getting out of the lifestyle. If you tip the lazy side, it gets harder and more painful to get back into it.

I’ll get back into writing more as I get back my routine and add consistency for triathlon training.