Friday night used to be for whooping it up and partying all night. Then I grew up, I guess. Now, it’s a great training opportunity!

Two weeks ago was supposed to be my first 56 mile bike ride. That didn’t happen, and then last week I was travelling, so it didn’t happen then.

Tonight, I’m home alone with the kids, and I made it happen on the trainer. That’s one of the things I’m finding about training with little kids in the house….it generally happens when it’s dark out(!). So, I was on the trainer tonight. 

My personal best for overall time and distance was set tonight. Three hours, and it got me 52.8 miles  I’ll take that for the first go at that distance. And that was on a full stomach on two hours after all you can eat sushi! Average heart rate was about 128, which is alot lower than I figured it would be to go just under 18 mph for three hours, but that’s good news, and I’ll take it. The ride felt good with no real pain at any point. I got a bit antsy at the 2:15 mark, but got over that as a new battle ensued in the movie “Ironclad,” which is worth seeing if there is nothing else to see on Netflix.

Anyway, I’m happy about this ride, and it gives the confidence I need to continue on with my current training program, of which I think I’m ahead a bit on overall volume if not a combination of volume and intensity. Remember, I am doing the 70.3 because I’m tired of the red-line effort required in the Olympic distances.