Triathletes can be overwhelmed about nutrition and all the different ideas out there about what constitutes good, nutritious food. But, you never see any real examples, so I thought I’d share two specific examples of what I think good food is.

1. Eat your vegetables. These “Steamables” mixed veggies taste great and couldn’t be easier to prepare. Put the bag in the microwave for five minutes, and they’re ready to go. If I remember right, they are $1.29, so you pay for that convenience versus probably $0.69 – $0.89 for basic frozen veggies. As you can see on the label (actually not quite clear but you can trust me on this!), they are pure veggies with no chemicals or preservatives or anything. You no longer have an excuse for not each your veggies!

#2. A great, relatively healthy and low calorie Christmas Eve dinner. I figure this comes in at about 1,600 calories. There is no butter or sauces; all extra flavor is done with spices. Here we have grass fed rib-eye and wild-caught salmon from the Fish Off The Old Block shop in Pocatello with the Steamables mentioned above and some rehydrated potatoes seasoned with Italian seasoning and NO BUTTER so that they remain basically 100% carbs. Sometimes we have long-grain rice under the fish instead of potatoes on the side.

This is a very special meal for us because it isn’t cheap, but because it is at home, it’s still cheaper than a comparable meal at The Outback Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse. I definitely prefer this meal over a chain-restaurant meal any day…..the best steak in town is in my backyard!