The Sufferfest! They are great videos with great tunes that will take you to great workouts! All digital downloads; no discs to worry about and take up space, and they are easy to transfer to your phone or other device to view (instead of firing up your computer for every workout).

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All nine of our videos for $84.99 USD instead of $102! Videos included in the Sufferfest Nine-Pack Bundle: Downward Spiral, Revolver, Fight Club, Angels, The Hunted, Local Hero, A Very Dark Place, Hell Hath No Fury and Extra Shot. Group edition includes all videos (except for Extra Shot) for $179.99 (save $20!).
Nine videos for individual use Р$84.99 (Save $18!) Eight videos for Group & Class use Р$179.99 (Save $20!) (HHNF not available yet)

The Sufferfest