As the new year creeps up on us and I’m getting back into a good training mode, I’m finding new motivation for my triathlon writing.

One of my primary goals for 2012 is to get the “AmphibOps Triathlon” brand moving along. I’ve been posting to 20-60-40 Triathlon for a few years now, and I think it has run its course. I previously wrote that I wanted to be running the AmphibOps Triathlon website by October 1, coinciding with the beginning of my winter training season. Well, my winter training season is really just now getting started, and so is the motivation to get moving with AmphibOps Triathlon.

Soooo…..I sat down tonight and wrote out a plan of at least 30 post subjects for the months of January, February, and March that will lead a newbie or intermediate triathlete through a detailed planning process that will hopefully lead them to a successful execution of their goals at summer races.

The plan is to introduce very specific and detailed subjects for you to read and think about, and then add into a developing triathlon plan, with the growing template available for copy/paste via google docs. At the end of the two or three months, you’ll have a good plan based on principles and processes I’ve learned in the Marine Corps.

The first post will go out this weekend some time, with the follow-ups in the series coming out every two or three days.

I hope I can help at least one newbie or intermediate triathlete learn something new and meet their goals in 2012!