I biked on the trainer Monday and Tuesday(!)…holy cow! Two days in a row. Mind you, I rode a total of 40k since the race in June, and that 40k was another race here in Pocatello. I haven’t been on the bike much, but I really did miss it. Timing and schedule was an issue, and with no race to look forward to, motivation for biking fell far down the priority list over the summer.

Til Monday, anyway.

I got up at 0545 on Monday, ready to hit it on the first morning of bike trainer this year. Then Noah woke up as I was getting out of bed. Straight to Noah’s room because once he’s up around that time of the day, he’s up for the day. And I’m the one who gets up in the morning with the little one.

8:00pm Monday night….sick kids are in bed, wife is in bed. Let’s ride! I went downstairs and got on the bike, just to see what would happen. I played with the new Kurt Kinetic wireless bike computer, and the most important thing I realized was that it doesn’t like my computer being so close….instructions say magnetic fields can cause strange readings, and that is exactly what was happening. I’ll write a review on that bike computer later, but for a summary….I like the ability to see a consistent reading on power (even if it’s derived), but everything else about the computer is not great and I would certainly return it if it didn’t have that power readout. 30 minutes later, I have completed my first bike workout in about four months!

0545 Tuesday morning. This time, Noah’s crying wakes me up. Same story.

7:430pm Tuesday night. Sick kids in bed. Wife working. Let’s hit it again! 45 minutes very easy ride just to get into the groove and see what that wattage looks like. Average 14.1 miles per hour for 45 minutes and 136 watts average and average heart rate of 108. I haven’t figured out how to find overall calories burned, but not a huge deal. The Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer is so AWESOME and SWEET and QUIET. WOW! I really love this thing!

Let’s see if I can make it three in a row for biking this week! Of course, I haven’t ran this week, but that’s a whole other problem!