We have a small room in our house set aside as the “gear room.” It’s also a guest room, but it’s main purpose is to hold our gear (and act as a stash for all the stuff we don’t know what to do with!). Most of the in-season gear just stays laying out and easily accessible, mostly because I didn’t take the time to put it all away.

Last week, the seasons switch got flipped, so it’s time to changeout the gear room. Funny how that season switch works around here: one day it’s summer, next day it’s winter, and the reverse is true in early June.

So…into hiding goes the water shoes, fishing rods, fishing bags, tent (I use a yurt in the winter!), and bike helmets.  Running shoes stay out because I AM COMMITTED to running in all weather….if only I could get back into a consistent routine….I am happy to say that the weather was never a reason for not running last year.

Out come the ski boots, thick socks, ski glasses, ski safety gear (avy beacon, avy poles, etc), parkas, gloves, hats, and all that stuff.  As for triathlon, my bike trainer gets a focus area now, and the swimming trunks get washed and ready for what is hopefully twice-weekly use.

It’s kind of a fun time getting all the winter gear out because I start thinking about all the possibilities the new season brings. And then putting all the summer gear away can be either sad or happy, depending on what memories hit when I start putting gear away. This summer, the memory about summer will be the incredible snow pack we had and how it held up fishing alot.

Does anyone else do a gear room switch-out?