Today was the first trail run of the year, and the weather was GREAT! I missed last years’ runs because of scheduling conflicts, so I was excited to run this year.

Here’s the scoop on the run series:

These runs are frequented by a small core of about ten standard runners with a few others trying it out for the first time.  All in all, a field of 20 is large, and fifteen is about average. The race has a really nice and friendly “Let’s Have Fun” attitude without much outright competitiveness but just enough effort to make you breathe hard.

The snowstorm from yesterday left some good snow up in the mountains, so that made it even more fun. Two years ago, there was a huge snowfall that began halfway during the race, but with no wind it was BIG FUN. This year, the fun was in the mud.

Today was a 4.5 mile run that I finished in about 48:20. I took my time and had fun on this race. I even took pictures and video! The theme was a Zombie attack of some sort, so some people were dressed up (I didn’t because I’m lame like that!). And the zombies got a two minute head-start or so!

Below are some pics of the run. Enjoy! The course was a big loop that included some good elevation gain. On this map, the run was a short loop around chickadee, cotton tail, ruffed grouse, then down to red fox and fox tail, then up the canyon, turnaround, and back to the start via the meadows and sage loop.  Tough course! But a great run for day.

Next run is Oct 22, and it is harder than today’s run and includes a really big hill. Basically, it’s a run that goes uphill and then comes down the hill, a point to point that is lots of fun and lots of work.


AAhhhh, a zombie!!

Heading up the canyon, starting to see some snow and mud!

Starting out on some “ankle breaker” terrain but no snow.