Sometimes you find triathlon-related stuff in the strangest place. I’m a regular reader of the “Five Minute Forecast,” which is a daily financial wrap-up.

The other day in the post Social Security’s Accelerated Demise, they had this to say about a scientific practice I’ve never heard of. It’s certainly interesting, so I thought I’d share it here.

“The science of carbohydrates as drugs,” says Patrick,” pivoting to another mind-bending concept, “is practically brand-new.”
It goes by the name “glycoscience.” Now a tiny company that essentially “owns the field,” in Patrick’s words, is joining forces with the University of Michigan for a research project that could one day knock out most cancers.
Here’s what scientists understand so far: Complex carbohydrates — think whole grains, fruits and vegetables — contain compounds that that hold the potential to shield your cells from cancer.
What they’re setting out to accomplish now is this: transforming those complex carbohydrates into a drug that can not only protect your cells from cancer, but knock out cells that have already turned cancerous.
“It’s difficult for me to envision a path,” says Patrick, “wherein this technology does not come to play a major role in most cancer treatments. I truly hope that you don’t wait to invest in this technology until after it begins.”
** I don’t have any financial interest by posting this here. It’s just an interesting twist on the things, specifically carbohydrates, that triathletes think alot about.