So the “Weight Training Routine” book has been selling more than I ever thought possible. As such, I need to start giving back to the community. So….10% of the net sales will go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation at   I will also ask that 50% of that donation be used towards a US Marine. I’m a bit biased, yes, but that’s how I see the world.

I chose CAF because its mission to assist people with physical disabilities is a noble cause in my mind. When I went to Iraq, I told myself I would be ok if I lost a leg or an arm because groups like this are out there to help you once the docs get you back into the game. And now that I have kids, I can’t imagine a young child not having the opportunity to compete physically and know the joys of success and, yes, the pains of defeat because it makes a person grow so much.

I could have chosen a cancer cause like Relay For Life, but I don’t think is a perfect match.

CAF feels like a perfect match to me!