Got a Power Meter? This is one of the dilemmas I’m struggling with right now. I would love to have a power meter (who wouldn’t?!), but the reality is that I simply can’t spend that kind of money on this hobby.

To up the ante during winter training, I’m going with the Kurt Kinetic power meter that works with my trainer. It’s not a “real” power meter in that it computes power rather than actually measuring it, but as long as it is a constant measure it will help me determine if I improve. For $150 it is still expensive for me but will fill the training measure gap nicely. discusses it at » At What Point Am I Ready For A Power Meter? –

I think their point about not becoming a slave to the numbers is quite valid. My main goal is to simply  compare the same threshold workout monthly to see if I’m improving. I expect to use the power meter during only half my workouts.