Incredibly, I am still sore from drill PT on Sunday! How does that happen? Do a few leg lifts, sprint 100 yards, jog a bit, pushups, pullups….and then still sore three days later. It boggles the mind. Anyway…. me and the family are off to Yellowstone for R&R&R. Fishing will be tough because the water is incredibly high. And I won’t be spending any time in the backcountry because of the little ones (I’m going to wait til they are potty trained to go into the backcountry. I don’t want a bear sniffing around some diapers). Weather should be standard weather, so we’ll get some hiking in, of course.

I always feel incredibly refreshed after a few days in Yellowstone, and I’m looking forward to making some family memories (not that the little ones could remember, but that’s why we have cameras!).