I wrote a couple of weeks ago about feeling a bit more committed to my workouts than last year. Today, that rang very true. At 11:00am I ate a large bagel and three brownies that were laying around the office area. Mmmmm…damn they were good! The sun was shining brightly through the window as I wiped the chocolate off my cheek. Then at 11:45, as I was getting my gear ready to run, another storm blew in….and now it was 30deg, windy, and very wet snow falling very fast.  I still ran my regular 10k route….mostly because I just felt like I want to get back into a consistent mode after the last few days.

I always put this type of workout into the “double” group. I would have normally bailed but I went, and lots of other people probably bailed today, too, (or whenever their last bad weather day was). Anyway, I consider this kind of workout getting a double affect of just doing it. In fact, today was more like a triple because I was really tired, the weather and footing really sucked, and I didn’t see anyone else out there………and then I had three more of those damn brownies later in the day!