On business trips out of town, I generally don’t do the grand workout sessions I plan. Instead, I rationalize away the big efforts, and they turn into some 30 minute cruise that is barely worth the effort.

Not so this week. I’m out of town on business, and I am doing the big workouts I dream up (at least the one today!), and I feel great. I’m not out at dinner eating a big steak followed by a huge chocolate cake. I’m going to be getting to bed early and getting up early to hit the big workouts while I have chance away from little Paul who sometimes likes to wake-up early.

I guess that means I’ve found a new level of commitment. At least, this has become a much more consistent lifestyle for me…this getting up early for a big workout. And I like it.

By the way, I love running on a cold, dark morning with no wind and no snow. It’s kind of weird, but I feel like I’m the only person awake at that time of the day (and nobody is around to be seen!). Just me trotting through the darkness. I like it. It’s not as great as being out on a great sunny day, but I like the cold, dark morning with no wind……as long as I’m dressed right.