At my Marine Corps Reserve Drill this weekend, we did lunges during our PT session. We did ALOT of lunges. After a three mile run and returning back to the “grinder,” a large asphalt parking lot area used for military parades, we started the lunges. At one end of the grinder, the Commanding Officer lined us up and said, “Lunges, all the way to the other side.” Well, the other side was 200 yards away!

The next day everyone was sore. I was incredibly sore right in the glutes that are used for bicycling. Mmmmmmmm……maybe I really do need to do these lunge things more often.  I did a Spinnerval video last winter (rented from mypypeline) that had us get off the bike and do lunges…..I was sore for two days after that and told myself I need to do more lunges.  Well, I never got to incorporating that.

Now, it seems that my weight lifting routine is only 25 minutes long this year, instead of the 30 minutes that it was last year and all the years before it. That means I have five minutes to fill, and I started filling it with lunges this morning.