I’m downloading “Angels,” the newest Sufferfest! video. It’s one hour of a warmup, 10 minutes of over/under threshhold, then 3x 8minute climbs with full (and legal!) video of races last year in Europe.

Also, coming up is a time-trail video from Sufferfest! Woohoo! Probably 2x20mins, which will be perfect for me, and perfect for back to back workouts totalling about 90 minutes if you take out the cooldown of the first round and then the warmup of the second round.

I’m a big fan of their slogan “I’ll beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow.” What could me more appropriate for motivating yourself to do the early work that builds a great base/foundation months before a race?  I’m thinking of gettinng the shirt they sell, and I haven’t bought a cheesy slogan shirt like that in more than 20 years!