After three consistent weeks of running every day at lunch, this past week as an easy week. Not “off” week, but easy. I ran three times, 10k each. My times were significantly faster for the first two. Today, I took Paul in the cruise for that same 10k. Instead of 50 minutes, we came in at 65 minutes, which was expected. I ran it really slow and easy, and Paul is up to 30 pounds now! The weather is still holding up.

Last week, I wanted to do the first of two local trail races in the local mountains. Didn’t happen because I had to meet with a contractor doing some work on my house. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL morning for it, too. I’m hoping to get to the next one on Oct 23.

The consistent running for three weeks straight at a moderate pace seemed to work! The first run I did on Wednesday of this week was a 49:30 over 10k with big hills, while the average during the three weeks prior was about 52:30 for the same effort level. Sure, it helps to have fresh legs, but it was nice to see that much of a difference….six percent? That will make it much easier to maintain the consistent running, and alot harder to blow off a run on any given day.

For anyone out there wondering if consistent running really makes the much of a difference, I have to say “YES!” at this point.

Next week I want to actually add the morning bike workouts in reality, not just on the schedule. I was going to add them two weeks ago. In fact, I got up one morning and actually sat on the bike (and not much more!). For whatever reasson, I just didn’t get out of bed for the other days. I’m not worried about it, though, because I normally get burned out on the trainer by March, with another four weeks to go before I can get out on the roads.