Winter training has gone well so far, and now it’s time for a final push of bike-traininer training, building volume on the run, and getting into the pool in a serious way. In a few weeks, I’ll start transitioning to outdoor riding (as soon as the sand gets cleared off the roads). Til then, I’ll continue increasing the resistance on the trainer and pushing hard.

Today I did my first nine mile run (9.65 actually). This year, I want to follow a 3-6-9 running plan: run hard 3 miles, 80% race pace for 6 miles, and really easy for 9 miles once each week. I’ll add in a few other short runs, too, I think. My 9.65 mile course is as flat as I can find around here while staying off roads and keeping it mostly flat and interesting. I came in at 1:24:55 (about 8:50 miles), and I’m quite happy about that for my first run and an average heart rate of 142. I was hoping for something between 1:20 and 1:30 with heart rate of 140, so that result is dang near perfect. Also, so far I don’t feel any major issues from pushing my single-run volume up so fast: three weeks ago, my longest run since October was 3 miles, two weeks ago, it was six miles, and then this week was 9 miles.

My swim form is coming along nicely. I swam 3000 yards this week with no issues. Amazingly, my times are equivalent to where I left in August! I’ll take that any day. Now it’s a matter of cutting some time (from 1:30/100yds to 1:15/100yds), and I’ll be where I want to be.

I’m anxious to see what my 40k TT route comes out during the first go in late March (hopefully). That’s when I’ll see if this winter’s work was actually worth it.