The good:

1. I got the V-Flow Max saddle. So far, I love it. It really is much more comfortable than the old stock saddle. It’s even comfortable during 60-second one legged drills; with the old saddle I was screaming after only 10 seconds. I also got my hips a couple inches closer to the handlebars, and I feel much more powerful in this setup. All in all, a good thing.

2. This morning workout thing is going well, and I like it alot. I’m almost to the point where I actually want to be in bed by 9:30pm instead of telling myself that I need to be in bed by that time. I am getting up every morning, and it’s great. 100% of my workout hours are invisible to my family at this point; 90 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes at lunch, completely invisible (ie no conflict between family and practice)!

3. Lifting weights in the morning on M,W,F after the bike. Once done with the bike workout, it’s a short 5-minute jog to the gym for weights or swim. So far, I’ve managed to start the weight lifting in earnest. The first days I was very quite sore, but now that’s gone and it’s just a matter of consistency. It feels good to be lifting weights again. I swam four laps on one day last week; my form and feel are still there, with 35 second 50’s with little effort. But I had no motivation to be in the pool. So I’m not sure what I’ll do about the swimming; I can always do a longer bike workout those mornings, which is probably needed more than swimming right now anyway.

The bad:

1. Running consistency was good for a while but will now be non-existent. I missed Wed – Friday of last week, and now my heel feels much better after some sort of pain after the PFT on Oct 31. I figure I’ll just stay off it a few more days and let it get to 100%. I forgot what a completely pain-free heel feels like, I guess.

2. Nearly 190 pounds, versus 175 during the summer. Not sure what’s going on, other than I must be eating more than I think. I’m averagine 7 hours of workouts / week, and gaining 2-3 pounds per week.