Getting hot out there! 93 degrees today and yesterday. I’m not used to the heat, either.

Yesterday (Wed) did a bike and run brick. 40k bike, and 5k run. Was going to be a 10k run, but the heat was getting to me and I didn’t want to kill the rest of my workouts this week. The bike came in on 1:12, which is good for me, and there was no wind. Felt good, considering I hadn’t biked in a week or so, and I ran a hard 6 miles the day prior.

Then ran 5k. Wanted to do 10k to see where I’m really at, but I found out before I got finished. I cut it short because of the heat, so I know I’m not acclimatized to heat yet. That will come. So I finished the 5k in 25 minutes. I could have held that pace, so I’ll consider that I could have done a 50min 10k, with the hills and heat.

Swam a 2×750 today. Felt good, but I know I’m losing my swim endurance now that I’m not swimming 3 days/week. But I need to focus on the bike and run.

This posts has a few qualifiers in it, as in “but,….” So now I know I’m making some excuses, too. This year is a bit different than last year for sure, mostly because I have a young boy at home now who needs a father!