What’s with the wind? It never goes away in the Gap.

Swam 1×1500 at the pool yesterday. Stroke count is 9-10 per arm per 25yds. That’s better than usual 11-12. But my speed went away. 22:33 for a 1500? What happened?! I wasn’t killing myself, but I wasn’t lolly-gagging either. That’s right….water was about 85 degrees.

I’m now biking at lunch instead of running, this week anyway. I go for about a 40 minute ride. Nice that the workplace now has a shower! The wind never stops on this ride. I just hope that the saying “bike will help the run, but run won’t help the bike” is true because this not running stuff is killing me. My leg feels fine when walking flat, up, and down, but I don’t want to risk getting back on it too early. Next week I’ll get back at it. Probably start running in the mornings with Paul…not sure how that’s going to work out, though.