Leaving tomorrow at noon for Yellowstone National Park. Reservations at Madison Junction campground. Fishing reports are awesome! We’re staying there and then making the 15 minute drive over to Hebgen Lake for the triathlon.

Mostly packed and 100% mentally ready to go for my next race. The Janet’s Triathlon at Madison Resort on Hebgen Lake, just north of West Yellowstone. I did this race last year as my first tri ever and absolutely loved it. It was such an awesome day with awesome weather. This year doesn’t look as good, though.

Water temp is 53 today, with only one more day of warming. I don’t think it’s going to get up to even 55, much less 58 or over 60. If they make it a duathlon, I’m not doing it so I can give my calf muscle a chance to recover (and the Firehole River is fishing AWESOME right now, I hear).

If it’s a tri, I’m going to love it again. It’s 1,000 meters in the water, 500m out and back with a lane rope to follow. The bike is MTB on flat, packed-dirt roads. The run is flat on packed-dirt, too. I love this course. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a couple hills to make it interesting, but it’s still great to get on the dirt for the bike and run.

This will be Paul’s first trip to YNP (out of the womb, anyway)!