So I actually got out of bed this morning at 0550 to be at the pool at 0600 cuz now I’m excited about a few changes to my schedule. And I actually talked to Tera about getting up in the morning instead of lounging around. I got up, got to the pool, and the pool is close. I love when this happens….yeah, right. I would normally be really pissed but after I read the sign I remember a coworker telling me he thought the pool was going to be closed this week. Still, ISU communications systems suck.

On Saturday, I saw an opportunity for one hour of biking at a local area (Bartz Field) that has a nice little hill and a loop road. Basically, you can do laps that are the equivalent of hill intervals, which is nice. I decided to do that with a one hour window of no rain and before guests came for dinner, and also because I wanted to see how long each lap takes so I can schedule this during a lunch period…and, I wanted to stay close to home in case my tire repair didn’t work out so well. I did two laps, each just over 2:00 on the uphill when my tire lost its seal with the rim. No problem, I just aired down to push it back on, then I realized my air was sitting on the bench in the garage right where I put it so I couldn’t forget to put it on my bike. Yeehaw….walk one mile to home and end of workout.

Mowed the yard yesterday. I’m counting this as an hour long workout. My heartrate gets to at least 140 for that hour, and I have to push the mower up a small hill. I think it’s a legitimate workout. In the summer heat it can kick my butt.