I guess I’ll add this post while I sit and watch the snow.

I’ve been thinking about my bag setup for triathlons. I almost bought a new one a couple weeks ago that had a separate compartment for shoes and such; turns out that it wasn’t a 100% separated compartment, and the stink and wetness might have got into contact with the rest of my gear. Still, the Atmos Kestrel is a pretty sweet bag if you’re looking for something light and “just big enough” for 2-3 nighter out fishing.

Anyway, I looked through my old bags today. I needed something that can work for my short bike commute to work. That means I need to be able separate my “kind of dress-up” clothes for work and my PT gear, including shoes and sweaty shirt/shorts (assuming it ever warms up!). It also needs to work for my race bag, meaning it has to hold a wetsuit on the outside, a helmet, and all the other goodies that go on race day; and it has to be a backpack form so I can ride my bike to the race when needed.

I found an old “Bug Out Bag” that I bought in the Marine Corps many years ago. It is definitely big enough. There are compression straps on both sides on the outside, so that’s where the wetsuit and maybe a three-post-fold-up-chair can go on race day. I added two straps I had laying around to add a place to put shoes on the outside. There are three “inside” compartments, which I can use for 1) workout clothes, 2) work folder(s), and 3) my work clothes and shoes for getting to/from work. Another inside compartment works for race info and admin stuff like pens/paper and probably my “energies,” a general term I use for nutrition and supplements.