So, I’ve been riding on the trainer all winter and wondering how my bike fit is. I’ve had this constant gut-feeling that my aero position is too stretched out, like I’m reaching too far. So I finally posted a pic on to see what others say about it. Everyone said my stem was too high. My first thought: “Now I have to buy a new stem?” Turns out that I had several spacers that put my stem up that high. I took those out, lowering the stem, and now don’t feel as stretched out and can put much more weight on my elbows. I lowered it about an inch, which will turn out to be a major change and will take some getting used to, I’m sure. I hope my back doesn’t hurt too much.

I should’ve posted that photo a long time ago. Then I wouldn’t have wasted a whole winter riding in a wrong position. Oh well, better than never. Of course, that assumes I changed the right thing! Being a bike newbie, I could very well have totally misunderstood what they meant.

I’m biking again tomorrow, so I’ll find out what the change does. If all goes well, I’ll be able to put alot more weight on my elbows (and off my butt?) and still feel power from my legs.