I’m sitting here thinking about my race schedule. My first tri race of the season is an A race! I’m not sure I have the properly categorized, but I do want to do quite well in that race. I have an elevation advantage going from Pocatello to Bismarck (4600ft v. 1650). But being the first race and an 800 mile trip, I’ll have to plan it right to make sure there aren’t any kinks in execution.

I can see that I really have two seasons lined up: one in June and one in August, with a outlier in September, which I can make major adjustments for but have to watch out for a mental letdown going into September when I want to be fishing.

So, I guess May and July are the big training months. That makes sense to me. I can make some changes in training after the June races and have all of July (minus a couple fishing trips!) to effect the changes in my body. I hope the summer weather hits a bit earlier than it did last year, when it was a cool and wet spring from April to early June as I remember it. One day in early June, the sun came out and all of sudden summer was here and stayed (kinda like the rain in Forrest Gump!).

Two more weeks of “winter season” training to go. After the ISU spring break, I’m hoping to be all outdoors, minus a few days on the bike when the late snow starts flying, which it always does in Idaho. I definitely need to start putting in more running miles! My swim foundation is set, and now I need to add some intensity; I’ll switch to twice a week lifting after the Spring Break, too. And after Spring Break, I plan to do one brick per week, focusing on the bike mileage and running only about 4 miles afterward.