Back home in one piece. No workouts this weekend. I’m getting everything back in place to setup a successful week next week. Waiting on my bag that didn’t make the connection in Denver, but it should be delivered here in a couple hours….no problem because I really didn’t want to lug that big ol’ bag from the terminal to my car. I usually travel pretty light, but this trip was different because we had to have several different uniforms, each with its own boots/shoes.

At the conference, I received the Marine Corps’ new PT uniform (running suit). It’s pretty nice, but I doubt I’ll wear it around off base. I think it is a New Balance brand from what I can tell. When I zip up the top, there is a strange “poof” in the zipper at sternum level that I really don’t like. I do like the colors and such, though. The pants are nice, and I can see myself wearing them to the gym in the morning when it’s cold out right now.

We got in our Chariot to take Paul running/biking. It’s really nice, and I don’t have any buyer’s remorse at this point. I’m excited about getting out with him on the nice days. I got a Deuter baby backpack, too, but we can’t use it yet because Paul can’t hold up his head very long yet. I’m excited about getting out to the rivers and fishing with him in it.

So, this week is about setting up for future weeks of successful and consistent workouts.