So I had to drive to Boise and back today for a 30 minute appointment….long story. That’s six hours in a car, three hours each way. The good thing is that I got to drive my parents’ one-week old Mercury Mariner; note to self, never drive a new car with leather seats cuz then you’ll want one. I got to use their car because they stayed home with Paul.

I got home and I NEEDED to do a run and a bike. I missed Monday’s run and didn’t make it up on Tuesday. I didn’t do Tuesday’s bike workout either. So halfway into the week and I’m already short two workouts. This became a brick workout by default, and I certainly wasn’t planning for it.

I started with the run at 5:30pm so I wouldn’t have to run in the dark and mud and ice from a warm day. Nice and easy 3.5 miles with my dog, Sooner. 35 degrees, not much wind. I’ve been wondering what running before the bike will do to my biking capability because the Pocatello triathlon starts with a run, then the bike, then the swim.

After the run, I hopped on the bike for my weekly muscular endurance workout. I immediately found out what running first does to the biking. It sucks all the power out of your legs. I had basic aerobic endurance left, but no power to turn the big gears. In essence, I had to do the workout two gears easier than normal, and I really didn’t want to be biking by the halfway point, but I stayed on just to finish the workout….something about things that don’t kill us make us stronger was going through my head.

This was my first brick of the year. Compared to the first brick I did last year, it was alot easier. I remember that hot July day last year when I did 75% of an Olympic bike and run distance….it really kicked my butt and I needed two full days of nothing to recover….but I was definitely stronger because of it.

And I’m still about 1.5 hours behind schedule for the week. Looks like a busy weekend. Might as well do another brick, this time with the bike first to see where I’m really at.