I have some extra time in this R/R week, so I’m putting together my race schedule and signing up for some races. This is what it looks like so far:

May 30: Rigby Lake Tri….thinking about it but that’s pretty early, meaning really cold water!
June 6: Vikingman in Burley is possible but I’m not sure I want to race that early.
June 14: Bismarck ND Tri. I’ll be in my hometown of Center for a high school reunion, and this race is only 50 miles away. I’m planning on doing it, but haven’t signed up yet.
June 20: Janet’s Triathlon in Hebgan Lake near Yellowstone. I’m guessing on the date right now, but I’m planning on it being this weekend because that’s when it was last year. I consider this my first fishing trip to Yellowstone National Park with a triathlon thrown in. This is really a nice course and is a mountain bike and trail run. This is the same weekend as the Redfish Triathlon in the Sawtooths, which is simply too far for just a triathlon, although it’s in a gorgeous area.
July 4th: no race this weekend.
July 11th: probable fishing trip to Yellowstone during the salmon fly hatch (good times!). Otherwise, the Idaho Falls Blacktail Tri is this weekend.
July 18th: Twin Falls Tri is a possible. This will be a late registration if I feel like I want to do a race that weekend. Tera will be out of town this weekend, so babycare is an issue.
July 25th: Burley Spudman….lottery draw this year, and it costs five bucks just to get into the lottery, and then another $70 if you get in. Quite expensive, but only an hour drive. It’s a really big triathlon with good swim times. I’m not too keen on swimming in the Snake River. Probably won’t do it.
Aug 1: Pocatello Tri. Doing it.
Aug 8: no race. Probably a fishing weekend!
Aug 15: Rexburg Tri in Rainbow Lake. Doing it. Registered tonight.
Aug 23: Portland Tri. My primary race of the year. Registered last week. A family trip, too.
Sept 12?: Probably date for Bear Lake Brawl. I’m planning on doing it whenever it is. I did it last year and liked the course. It’s a nice family camping weekend, too. This will be a primary race, too, and the last chance to break 2:08 for the year. If I get a good swim, it is doable.

That’s the line-up at this point. Getting this pinned down makes training alot easier because it’s easier to stay motivated with specific goals in mind.