One month til Race Day!

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Quick Training Update:

Swim = going good.

Bike = sucks.

Run = going good.

LA Times – Exercise data reveal a couch potato nation

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It takes a while for the author to get to the foundation of the problem, but finally the last paragraph gets to the root of the problem. Our nation’s obesity problem starts in the grade schools and my perception of completely inefficient use of time and resources

“We drive our kids to school; they sit at a desk all day long; then they sit at home playing video games, then they go to sleep,” he said. “Unfortunately, we live most of our life going from chair to chair to chair. And if we can change that, just a little bit, we can have a massive impact on our healthcare costs.”

Also, adults and especially PARENTS need to be setting a good example and showing our nation’s kids what a healthy lifestyle is.

Meet ‘The Dash’: smart headphones that let you listen, train and talk (video)

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I love my Jaybirds, but these Dash headphones will probably replace them.


Waterproof headphones that also work as a heart rate monitor along with everything else = very cool and functional.

Currently just a few days into a kick starter project, so we will have to wait a while to get them

How to Start Exercising When You’re Already Overweight

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I really liked this article and think there is a lot of good tips in it for beginners or someone who might be starting to train for a triathlon this summer.

The next thing someone to remember is that a healthy lifestyle is a skill you work and get better at—not a thing you just get up and start doing one day. If you expect to just hop on a stationary bike, start lifting, or turn your diet upside down without challenges or setbacks, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Approach your health and fitness goals like you would any other skill that you’re learning. Dick explains:

If you fell and scraped your knee the first time you attempted to ride a bike, you wouldn’t beat yourself up and say “Shit, something is horribly wrong with me…I just don’t have the willpower and discipline required to ride this bike,” would you? Nope, you’d realize that you just don’t have that skill yet. You just need to get better at it and learn how to control the bike when you hit different terrain…a bumpy road or a patch of grass, for example.

Here are a few thoughts I would tell someone just starting:

1. Take a slow and don’t worry about where you are at now. Think about six months from now.

2. The number on the scale is just a number, and it absolutely does not reflect who you are.

3. Know why you want to exercise. And “lose some weight” is normally not a useful goal.  My reason is “To stay in shape so I can enjoy life with my kids with long trips in the back country or other day-long activities that encompass a healthy and active lifestyle.”

4. Have several different exercise options readily available so you don’t get bored Different walking routes. Different sports. Different venues or people.

5. A missed daybor two is not tragic. Just back in the routine.

6. The first three days and twenty one days are the hardest. Making the fourth day and twenty-second day the most important. Why? It takes four days to change your daily view and twenty-one days to create a habit.

7 Ways Exercising Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur |

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This is definitely interesting….replace “entrepreneur” with “employee.” I see mynwork productivity nose-dive when I am not exercising regularly.

4. Boost your confidence.
Whether building a business or going through a rough patch, even the smallest fitness win can help you gain the confidence you need to achieve larger goals in your business life. “Having a great workout translates into every area of your life, making you feel more accomplished at the end of the day about everything that you do,” says Robinson.

5. Overcome business challenges.
Training for a fitness challenge such as a marathon can help entrepreneurs re-learn the importance of goal-setting and determination. Schembri participated in her first triathlon when she was 58-years-old and says the vigorous training regime she underwent to achieve her fitness goals helped her to be a more tenacious entrepreneur. Removing the word “can’t” from her vocabulary made her view obstacles as simply another challenge to be overcome, she says.

Why You Should Learn The Backstroke

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“Plus, kicking while on your back serves as good cross-training for major cycling muscles such as the hip flexors, core and quads.”

This very short article at Triathlete confirms my theory yesterday when I bailed on running outside and did about 30 minutes of kicks: you can simulate a run by doing kicks. I split about 50/50 front and back kicks, and I used fins to add resistance (and to be honest, without fins I’m incredibly slow!).

The kicks aren’t “lazy laps,” because I hit it hard and I am out of breath at each turn. My legs burn and I can feel my abs tighten. Overall, a decent workout and much better than skipping to do nothing.

The Sufferfest has a new video!

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Brick workouts just for triathletes.
I expect to get this and have a review in a week or two.

I still haven’t done my reviews for Blender and ISLAGIATT. Short version is they are awesome long workouts. You don’t be wasting your money.

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